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Create a healthy cookbook for people with diabetes

Sure, there are tons of cookbooks out there already, but most people only use one or two from each book. Pick some fave diabetes-friendly recipes – choose your personal favorite and enlist a few others to give their recipes and combine them in a user-friendly diabetes dining workbook. Here are a few tips to get you started – Bon appétit!

Check out some books. Do you have diabetes and already have some good recipes on hand? Pull them out. If not, head to your local or school library and check out healthy living or diabetes-specific cookbooks. Online diabetes communities and healthy websites can be great resources too.

Compile the recipes. Read through the cookbooks, and pull out or copy the most delicious and healthy looking dishes! Or, create your own recipe if you’re already familiar with some of the dietary restrictions for people living with diabetes.

Ask around. Ask friends and family of people living with diabetes, your family doctor, a health counselor at school (get creative!) to donate a kid and teen-friendly recipe to your healthy diabetes cookbook.

Get cookin! Time to test out your recipes. Make sure they are user-friendly (and don’t take too long to make!) and most importantly, actually taste good. And remember if you want to change a recipe or invent your own, go for it, just be sure to do a test-run first!

Think it through. Make sure the book is well-rounded. Collect ideas for breakfast, lunch and dinners plus healthy snacks and desserts.

Put it together. Re-format the recipes on your computer or on colorful paper, get creative when you’re styling your book, make it you! But remember, keep it easy to read and use and add a sentence or two under the title of each recipe about why and that dish is diabetes-approved. Then you can print out, or put all of your pages together and get it laminated and bound together (laminating is key because you might spill when you’re cooking up a storm!) Another great option is to use an online cookbook website. You can get your finished product mailed to you in hard-copy and distribute copies to friends and family members who are affected by diabetes too.
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