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Diabetes: A Day in the Life

Help teach others what it’s like to be like Nick and the 500,000 other children with type 1 diabetes by hosting “A Day in the Life” event.

Ask your school if it is OK to host a day dedicated to diabetes where people get to experience what it’s like. Use your school gym or sports field and set up different stations with different activities to learn about what it’s like to live with diabetes.

Location, Location, Location
You are going to want a big space. Use your school gym (if it’s winter and there is cold weather) or a sports field (if it’s nice out). You need the extra space so you can split it up to set up different stations. This can also be done with classrooms where each classroom has a different activity/station.

Set some ground rules
This activity can be a lot of fun and super informative, if it’s done right. But it is easy for people to make a mistake and end up offending someone or making fun of diabetes so it is important to set some ground rules before you get started.

Get the OK
Ask your school if it is OK to host a day dedicated to diabetes where people get to experience what it’s like. You should ask the principle and make sure that the time and place you have chosen are acceptable.

Game plan
Before the day begins make sure to make a schedule and get it approved by your school. The different stations are meant to teach different things about diabetes through interactive activities. One station may quiz kids on the statistics about diabetes with prizes for correct answers. Another could teach kids about the equipment and show them how diabetics monitor blood sugar level etc. For lunch, an activity could be “what can I eat” where each student must select the right foods based on what they have learned.

Get people on board
Then send out the schedule to your classmates and teachers so everyone is on board. Give a description about what the day is all about and what people can expect.

A quick word
You might even want to give a little presentation at the start of the day or bring in a person with diabetes to talk about what it is like and why it’s important to understand. This way people will feel like there is an importance purpose to the day and the activities.

Set up and break down
Get a team of people to help you set up and break down the stations. You will want to make sure none of your activities are too messy

Finish it up
End the day in discussion groups and have your friends talk about what they learned. Maybe even offer a survey of some kind. This way people can reflect about what it is like to walk in Nick’s shoes!
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