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Host a diabetes awareness fair

  • Find a space. You’ll need a large space to set up tables, like a gymnasium or auditorium.

  • Get permission. With the school or community center’s permission, schedule a date and time to host the fair.

  • Get the word out. Let everyone know on Facebook, Twitter, and other sites that you’re having the fair. Send a mass text. Also, use posters to place around the school. You could also call a local newspaper or site to promote it as well.

  • On the big day:

    • Offer testing. Over 6 million Americans are unaware that they have diabetes. Bring in a medical expert to test people’s insulin, blood pressure, and cholesterol so that everyone can be aware of their status or risk.
    • Explain healthy diets. Type 2 diabetes is often caused by obesity and unhealthy diets. Use a medical professional or dietician to display diabetes-preventative foods and practices.

    • Host an exercise expert. Healthy living includes proper fitness. Have the person teach the crowd simple exercises.

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