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How to Raise Awarness with Video

Want to raise awareness for your cause? Showing some pics, or even better, a video can really get people to care. Here are a few tips on how to put together a video or snap a few pics to raise awareness and support.
Catch yourself in the act!

Got your idea? Once you know what you're going to do, capture yourself actually doing it! Here's how:

• Get a cam: Once you're ready get going, get your hands on a video camera. No video? No problem. Try a digital camera, pictures work too.

• Recruit a friend: Get a friend, parents, neighbor, sibling, (whoever!) to videotape you in action while you green your house.

• Film it / Snap it: Take you video or if you’re not using video, get some digital shots of yourself in action. Get creative and take some fun action pics.

• Keep that camera steady. Use a tripod or set the camera on a steady surface for shots where you're not moving a lot.

• Try to capture your action in one take, so you don’t have to edit the sound.

• Pics or video, try different angles to make it more fun to look at or watch.

• Do a few practice runs (keepin' that cam steady) before the final shoot.

• When your video is shot, upload it to a computer and use your default media editor (Windows Movie Maker for those PCs and iMovie if you’re on a Mac) to edit your video. Remember to add in a title page and some fun effects. Music is great to add too. Make it fun, easy to watch and make it you!
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