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Team up with your friends for Special Olympics

So now both Joe and you know that Special Olympics are an awesome cause to rock, get your friends to volunteer! How do you rally a team of volunteers at your school? It’s easy! Just follow these steps and you’ll have a great group in no time!

Do your research
Find the nearest Special Olympics near you. You can do this by going on their website and searching for your state. Each state has their own Special Olympics site with a calendar of events. Go to the calendar and figure out what event you want to participate in. Each event has a list of sports games that will be offered and a list of volunteer opportunities.

Set some goals
How many people do you want to bring? What system will you use to get people to sign up? How are you going to get them there? These are questions to answer before you start recruiting friends and putting your plan into action.

Get permission
Don’t forget to ask your school if it is OK first! Teachers and parents alike can be very helpful in putting your volunteer team together. When you are figuring out transportation, ask your school administrators if it would be OK to use a bus for the day to bring people to the event. Your school’s parent association (aka PA) may be able to help as well. Go to a meeting and tell them your idea (they will be very impressed). Ask them if they wouldn’t mind providing snacks or carpooling kids!

Spread the word
This is the fun part. Make posters and flyers with the info and post them around your school! Send out email blasts to your classmates. Make sure to put all the info on the posters like the date, transportation, and the schedule for the day. Remember to emphasize the best parts of the day like sports, being outside, and pizza!

If your school has a community service requirement, make sure to include how many hours they will towards their community service credit. Include a sign up sheet on each of your posters and collect them at the end of the week.

Follow up
Email all the people who signed up and send the volunteer forms etc. If you did not get as many people as you wanted, ask your volunteers to do some reaching out! Make sure to keep in contact with your team of volunteers. If all goes well, this team may even turn into a club that does Special Olympics events all year round!

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