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Through A Child's Eyes

A few weeks ago I was shopping at a store in town. I overheard a mom saying to her son, "Remember you can't have apples." The little boy said,"I know. But I can have bananas."

I walked over to the mom and little boy. I thought to myself, okay now I might be a ray of hope for this little boy. I said, "Excuse me but I overheard you both talking." The mom said, "Yes, he was just diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes." I said, "Well it will be okay." The little boy said, "I know, there's a lot of food I can still eat." I said, "You have a wonderful attitude." I then mentioned the omnipod. He said , "I just got one of those." I said "You know Nick Jonas of the Jonas Brothers?" His mom smiled and said,"My daughter loves them." I told her of the Change For The Children Foundation. She said, "Thank you for the encouragement." I smiled and said , "No problem, the disease can strike anyone at anytime."
So with that said, I learned a lot in those few minutes. A little boy can survive diabetes with a strong attitude. A LOT of love from family and shoppers makes a difference.
I'm a very shy person so this took a lot for me to write this experience into words.
I hope this will instill a little hope into someone's heart.

For A better World,

Peace and Love, Carol Steffen.

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