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Type 2 Diabetic gets healthy!

I was feeling really sick, and I was always tired always thirsty. Basically I had no energy to move I was always coming home after school and taking naps and was still tired so then I told my mom something weird is going on so she took me to the hospital.

The next day I got test for diabetes. My blood sugar was up to 277 and I got diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes. I was told that I had sugar crashes and if I didn't learn to control them, I could die of liver and pancreas failure. They said that my liver was already suffering from it so I had to go to a nutritionist the next day and she brought me to the grocery store and showed me all these low glycemic foods to eat that would help me lose weight and get healthy and exercise to help my diabetes and it did help me I lost 40 pounds in 5 months!

Now, even though I still have the diabetes, I know how to be healthy and keep it in check. And I learned that people, like Nick and me, are really able to make changes in themselves and others. Today, I know that some day I either want to be a nutritionist or a coach to teach and show kids the right and proper ways to live a normal and healthy life without getting stuck by a disease like diabetes :)
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