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Walk/Run for Literacy

Raising money to support literacy programs in the South Florida Communities Read More »

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It all adds up!
In 2006 i was diagnosed with Ewing’s Sarcoma, a type of bone cancer. I had a large tumor in my right leg that had eaten my thigh bone all the way up to my hip joint and down to my knee. ... Read More
Medical Bracelets
My daughter who is 8 years old, (Diagnosed at age 7 on 10/25/08), had wanted a new medical id bracelet, a "pretty one". So we found a place through her endocrinologists office. The bracelet cost us ... Read More
My dad
My name is Amanda Belo. Two years ago my dad had a problem with his diabetes. He had an infection in an artery of his heart and in one eye. He had to draw the eye, because if he doesn't he would ha ... Read More
Befriending Orphans
I told my mom I wanted to do something nice to help peoples every day live so she told me that a lot of her co-workers were going to volenteer at an orphanage and some were going to bring their kids along. ... Read More
Special Olympics activist
I was so happy to learn that Joe supports the Special Olympics too! Last year I realized that I needed to help out in my community more. ... Read More
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Here are some examples of how to get involved:
Start or join a tips and tricks diabetes discussion ...
Nick may know all of the tips and tricks on taking care of his .. Read More »
Organize a Walk / Run for the Disabled ...
If there aren’t any events for the disabled in your area, .. Read More »
Organize a Walk / Run for Diabetes ...
Starting a walk/run for the cause is a great way to build .. Read More »
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