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Walk/Run for Literacy

Raising money to support literacy programs in the South Florida Communities Read More »

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Change adds up!
My sister was diagnosed with type one diabetes about 7 years ago and it changed my whole family's lives. After recovering from the initial shock, we became very involved with the American Diabetes Ass ... Read More
Raising awareness
I dont have diabetes. But I do want to raise awarness my best freind was and i are starting a band and we decided that each time we make money at a gig(if we get one)we are going to donate it to find ... Read More
Saving my best friend
My best friend has CF or Cystic Fybrosis this disease is like having a bad cold all the time and so if we can't find a cure she may die i the next year or to. So one day i sydney had to go to the hosp ... Read More
pasting together a dream.
A girl I know has dyslexia. A disability that slows the learning process down a few years. She has a hard time with home work and school. She once had a dream of becoming a doctor or a teacher. When s ... Read More
The Garage Sale
My best friend and i are HUGE Jonas Brothers fans. We are also HUGE change for the children suppoerters. On august 7th 8th and 9th we are conducting a garage sale and donating the profits to benefit t ... Read More
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Here are some examples of how to get involved:
Start or join a tips and tricks diabetes discussion ...
Nick may know all of the tips and tricks on taking care of his .. Read More »
Organize a Walk / Run for the Disabled ...
If there aren’t any events for the disabled in your area, .. Read More »
Plan Your Own Youth Summit ...
A Special Olympics Youth Summit brings together special needs .. Read More »
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