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Walk/Run for Literacy

Raising money to support literacy programs in the South Florida Communities Read More »

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I have been going to the local animal shelter and seen all the dogs. It is heartbreaking and now I am trying to stop puppy mills but I can't do it alone! ... Read More
Transplant Olympics
On June of 2000 I was diagnosed with a life threatening lung disease called Pulmonary Hypertension. It's basically high blood pressure in the heart and lungs. Now I want to do something to raise awareness! ... Read More
Helping Children in Kenya
I am Jenna's mom and I sponsor 2 boys in Kenya through CCF and Jenna always remembers this and tries to raise money when she can because she knows she is blessed to have so much. ... Read More
Helping Zimbabwe
My family and I are helping an orphanage in Zimbabwe. We are currently working on getting sustainable food and clothing to the children of the Buitt School and Church. ... Read More
The Big Walk
I'm going to set up a run for diabetes and have family members do it and I will have a donation and send it to a Diabetes charity. ... Read More
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