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Walk/Run for Literacy

Raising money to support literacy programs in the South Florida Communities Read More »

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Summer Camp: Children with disabilities
This summer I needed a job. I wanted to be outside in the fresh air rather than flipping burgers. I found a job at a local association called WIAIH... ... Read More
Getting out of my comfort zone for those in need
I go to a private school, and one of our requirements each year is to go on a retreat. My school offers several retreats, some a couple hours long, to a day long, a weekend long, a week long.. etc. ... Read More
Giving back to a charity I would come to know and love
When I graduated from high school in '08 I donated the $1,500 I made at my graduation open house to my town's local Diabetes chapter. ... Read More
A song inspired by my friend with diabetes
So on June 3rd 2008 my best friend Emily was diagnosed with type 1 Diabetes. Nick's song inspired us to write a song and now I sing it in her memory. ... Read More
Sharing Smiles with Marine Biology
Marine Biology has always interested me which is why I chose to become a volunteer in that particular class. It was offered to children 4th through 6th grade. ... Read More
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Here are some examples of how to get involved:
Start or join a tips and tricks diabetes discussion ...
Nick may know all of the tips and tricks on taking care of his .. Read More »
Organize a Walk / Run for the Disabled ...
If there aren’t any events for the disabled in your area, .. Read More »
Plan Your Own Youth Summit ...
A Special Olympics Youth Summit brings together special needs .. Read More »
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