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Edward Norton and Crowdrise to Help CFTC

Jonas Brothers have teamed up with Edward Norton and Crowdrise to help raise money for the Change for Children Foundation. Read More »

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Jonas Brothers Volunteer Text Program
Jonas Brothers Launch their volunteer text program Young people across the country ... Read More
Limited Edition Dog Tags
November 11, 2008 - LIMITED EDITION "DOG TAGS" from Nick Jonas and Bayer Diabetes care, a new symbol of support for people with Diabetes ... Read More
Kids' Inaugural: We Are The Future Concert
An inaugural celebration for the next generation, "Kids' Inaugural: We Are The Future," a concert honoring families of the men and women of the American Armed Services, will be highlighted by themes of service to community plus performances by some of the most popular young recording artists today. ... Read More
Nick Jonas Testifies for Diabetes Research Funding at Children's Congress in Washington, DC
Nick Jonas, of the Grammy-nominated, multi-platinum group The Jonas Brothers, testified for JDRF on Wednesday, June 24, to request federal funding for diabetes research, and remind Congress about the urgent need for a cure for a disease he lives with every day. ... Read More
Joe Jonas kicks off the inaugural Joe Jonas iWin Fun Run
Over 600 runners came out in the early morning to join Joe in a 5k to raise money and awareness for Special Olympics and the Jonas Brothers' Change for the Chilfren Foundation. ... Read More
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