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I believe that all people should have equal opportunities. Organizations like Special Olympics help support people with intellectual disabilities develop self-confidence, social skills and a sense of personal accomplishment. In life, we all need a level playing field. Please join me in supporting organizations like Special Olympics.

11 Facts About Special Olympics
Understanding how supporting Special Olympics can impact someone's life is a important first step in helping the cause.
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Special Olympics Link:
Special Olympics Website
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Here are some examples of how to get involved:
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Plan Your Own Youth Summit
A Special Olympics Youth Summit brings together special needs and non-special needs youth to participate in activities and discussion. You can plan your own Summit in your school or community and help educate and mobilize people to help build a more accepting and inclusive world. Start organizing your own summit to discuss ways to reverse negative stereotypes and attitudes toward people with intellectual disabilities! ... Read More
Write A Letter to an Elected Official About Your Cause
We know, you've probably heard this a bazillion times from teachers, websites, and anyone who hears you complain about something you wish could change in your community: "Why don't you write a letter?" So now we are saying it too: WRITE A LETTER! Officials will listen, especially if they are local leaders. ... Read More
Encourage and Support the Disabled
Help those with disabilities discover their potential. ... Read More
Quick tips: How to spread tolerance about disabilities
Don’t just stand there, say something. ... Read More
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